ADHD is a neurological and behavioural disorder that affects people of all levels of intelligence and is characterised by impulsive, hyperactive or inattentive behaviour. Children with ADHD are sometimes mistakenly seen as careless, forgetful or even naughty. A diagnosis can help explain behaviour, manage the condition and support an individual child to achieve their highest potential. Assessments and diagnosis of ADHD involve a Cognitive/Educational assessment as outlined above, in addition to a number of standardised questionnaires for parents and teachers, and a detailed understanding of the child’s history. 


An ADHD assessment also covers the possibility of Specific Learning Disorders (which can sometimes have similar presentations) and requires an initial (parent/carer) interview (30-50 minutes), two 2-hour sessions in person with the child, and a 30-45 minute feedback session during which a comprehensive report is explained and given to the parent or carer.