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The Mind Clinic’s psychometric assessments assist in diagnosing ADHD, learning difficulties, and intellectual functioning in children and adults of all ages.

Our assessments measure cognitive strengths and weaknesses to improve treatment and symptom management planning and to assist you or your child to access appropriate funding and/or extra support at school or university, including applying for special provisions for formal exams.

At The Mind Clinic we also offer early childhood assessments that explore children’s cognitive and emotional capacities. These assessments can help parents make the important decision of when to start their child in kindergarten and identify any early signs of potential cognitive, emotional, and/or behavioural issues.

As well as overseeing the assessment process, our psychologists work with you to collect important information to add to the assessment formulation. With your assessment you will receive practical recommendations which will to allow you, or your child, to obtain effective support and treatment.

Please contact our administration staff to book an assessment and discuss fees.

Standardised Tests and Questionnaires used in TMC assessments:

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