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Stage 1: Initial Consultation and Diagnostic Interview (1 hour)
Upon booking the assessment, you will be sent a background questionnaire to provide information regarding yours or your child’s development and medical history which will be required to be complete prior to the initial consult. As a part of this process, you will also need to provide copies of relevant formal assessment reports and school reports. This will be reviewed by your assessing psychologist prior to meeting. The initial consultation and diagnostic interview will focus on an in-depth psychosocial assessment and if there is enough evidence that indicates a cognitive assessment is required, then a formal assessment will be conducted. 

Stage 2: Brief Interview with Child and Cognitive Assessment and Standardised Questionnaires (2 hours)
For intellectual disability assessments, standardised questionnaires will be sent following the initial consultation to assess adaptive behaviour skills (see intellectual disability for more information).

For children and adolescents, a brief interview will be conducted to assess their perception of their own difficulties. This may not be required for adult clients. Following this, you or your child will complete a cognitive assessment to assess the following:

  • Verbal Comprehension 

  • Visual Spatial Abilities

  • Fluid Reasoning

  • Working Memory

  • Processing Speed 

  • Cognitive Proficiency

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence

Stage 3: Assessment Feedback with Report and Recommendations (1 Hour)
Following the assessment, you will attend a feedback session where you will be provided with the formal assessment report. The results and outcome of the assessment will be discussed, and you will be advised whether a diagnosis is appropriate, if you or your child is intellectually gifted, or if there are other explanations for your concerns. Further recommendations will be provided and discussed.

If you think you or your child may benefit from a Cognitive Assessment, please contact our administration staff to book an assessment and discuss fees. 


Assessment Process

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